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STONE Series



Set your imagination free and explore all the possibilities of the STONE-series. Due to their durability and light-fastness, these products can be applied on all dry interior surfaces.

With STONE you can easily modernize existing surfaces without tearing walls down or buying a new dining table. We recommend STONE especially for floors and furniture. STONE can also be a great alternative to KC14 for walls that are exposed to extra wear-and-tear.

STONE products are perfect for surfaces that require a certain elasticity, such as cement, wood, and drywall. Both STONE Classic and STONE Raw can be applied on parquet and other stable floors.

For best results, certain conditions have to be met: the surface on which the product is applied must be stable, 100% smooth, dry and cleansed of oily stains or dust. Tiles must be smoothed out before STONE is applied. Joints must be covered with gauze, and if you do not want them to show, they must be filled with smooth plaster and left to dry before application of the final layers. STONE Base is a good option to smooth out an uneven surface before applying STONE Classic and/or STONE Raw.

Below we will guide you through our colours, finishes, application techniques and purchasing. We hope you will enjoy your STONE project.

Tip: Are you tired of a drab old table or other furniture item? Give it a new life with our STONE range. Not only do you save on buying a new one, it is good for the environment and a fun project that will leave you with a unique and personal piece.

STONE Classic



The STONE-series consists of STONE Classic, STONE Raw and STONE Base. STONE Base is not a final product, it is applied to even out surfaces such as tiles, before Classic or Raw are applied. STONE Classic is a finely-ground plaster while STONE Raw has a rougher texture. Both products exist in 16 of the most popular KC14 colours. Classic and Raw differ in application and finish. Below you will find our recommandation to floor and furniture projects.

Tip: Many find it easier to work with STONE Raw than with STONE Classic. Raw is more forgiving, its lively texture effortlessly covering and incorporating textural inconsistencies that would appear as imperfections in STONE Classic.


We always recommend STONE Raw for floors, as the surface is more durable than STONE Classic. STONE Raw is applied in layers of 0.5mm., which means it has a better coverage and is easier to apply. With STONE Raw you will obtain a more vivid looking floor, with a raw structure that can be sanded to your preference. STONE Raw cannot be used to level out surfaces and the smallest inconsistencies will affect the final result.


The STONE-series is the only one you can use for upgrading or modernizing furniture. The nature and characteristics of Classic and Raw are different.

Stone Raw is applied in thicker layers than STONE Classic, which makes it easier to create nice corners and finishes. STONE Classic on the other hand, creates a softer and smoother surface, which is easy to upkeep and clean. In certain cases, STONE Classic is preferable i.e in places where space is limited.

STONE Classic is applied in very thin layers of 0.1 mm., which places certain demands on the underlying surface.  The final thickness will be 0.5mm., which is perfect for already installed thresholds, baseboards etc.


This is how STONE is applied

To ensure best results, we recommend a thorough reading of the user guide, and the instruction video below is very helpful.

In the user guide you can also find instructions and tips about an essential step: preparing the surface. It addresses specific cases such roofing and covering, and subjects such as tools and application techniques.


User guide

Please read about the preparation and application of STONE Classic and STONE Raw

Purchase of STONE

We have retailers in Denmark, Norway, Island and Spain in addition to agents in other European countries. If you don’t live in Scandinavia, feel free to contact us directly at, and we will help you place your order and answer any questions you might have.

One ‘Set’ consists of 3L STONE + 0.5 L Primer + 0.5L Basecoat + 0.5L Topcoat. STONE Classic covers 5-7m2 and STONE Raw covers 5m2 (this calculation includes 2 layers of plaster and 2 layers of Top Coat).

All our products are toned individually and produced upon order. Production time can vary depending on quantities, as can shipping to your destination. Please remember to take this into account when ordering, and do not hesitate to contact us for specifics.