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DETALE CPH is specialized in user-friendly products, fostering a do-it-yourself culture with a particularly elevated aesthetic. You won’t need carpenter experience or advanced tools to apply our products, and you will be able to cover any kind of surface. Below, we will guide you towards the products most suitable to your particular project.

Our vision is to create rooms that are beautiful by themselves, rooms that are aesthetically unique even when they are empty. Rooms that tell a story and awaken your fantasy. Rooms that inspire and create perspective
— Fie Hetting, Director


KABRIC is a paint-like plaster developed for interior walls except wet zone-areas. Due to few processes and short time to dry, a KABRIC-wall can be done in one day. KABRIC is the ideal do-it-yourself product, and can be applied with a paint roller, paint brush or a spatula. One bucket of KABRIC consists of 10L KABRIC and covers 8-10 finished square meters. Topcoat can be purchased additionally, for walls exposed to great wear and tear. KABRIC comes in 30 refined colours that bring tone and character to your wall. To learn more, click here LINK




Paint brush-technique



The KC14-series is developed for interior walls except wet zone-areas. On most occasions, KC14 will be the preferable product choice for walls. Either Classic or Raw give a totally unique look, and are easy to apply and work with. The only difference between these two wallplasters is that KC14 Classic is finely grained, while KC14 Raw has a rougher texture.

The KC14-series gives a dust resistant surface, equivalent to paint with shine 10, which is easy to sustain. KC14-series can be used in bathrooms as long as the walls are not exposed to water.

One set of KC14 Classic has a reach of 5-7 finished m2 and one set of KC14 Raw has a reach of finished 5m2. To learn more, click here LINK

KC14 Classic


KC14 Raw



The STONE-series can be applied on floors, furniture and is recommended as an alternative to KC14 on walls that are exposed to great wear and tear.

If you are looking for strong, durable products for flooring, you should have a look at the Stone-series. The nature and characteristics of Classic and Raw are different, and will therefore affect your choice of product.

STONE Classic is applied in very thin layers of 0,1 mm, which means the underlying surface must meet certain requirements. The product cannot be used to level out surfaces, and the smallest surface inconsistency will affect the final result.

After final application the total thickness should be 0,5mm, which is perfect for already installed thresholds, baseboards etc. STONE Classic’s finer structure can be used to create soft New York-style floors. 

STONE Raw is applied in layers of 0,5mm, which means it offers a better coverage and is easier to apply. With STONE Raw you will obtain a more vivid looking floor, with a raw structure that you may grind to your preference. To learn more, click here LINK

We recommend STONE Raw for floor projects. 


STONE Classic