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KC14 Series


Create walls with depth, natural colours and elegance. KC14 is the first Nordic coloured plaster with a specially developed Topcoat. It creates tactile and beautiful walls, which can be maintained and cared for just like a regular painted wall Shine 10.

The KC14 raw look translates your process and inspiration into a hard, natural material. Raw but soft, KC14 has a velvet-looking finish. 

KC14 is an innovative alternative to the common wall. Light nuances create subtle Nordic undertones, while deeper, more powerful colours bring strong character to the room. 

Below we will guide you through our colours, finishes, application and purchasing.

Norm Architects

Norm Architects

KC14 comes in two versions, Classic and Raw. KC14 Classic is a fine-grained plaster which gives a soft finish, despite it’s structured look. KC14 Raw is a plaster with a rougher texture and provides a rawer look. Both Classic and Raw come in 37 colours, developed together with designers and trend experts. The palette spans light and watery colours to darker and more vivid colours.

KC14 Classic


KC14 Raw



TIP: The darker the colour is, the more lively and vivid the textures and expression. If you prefer a strong wall with bold characteristics, we recommend daring for a darker colour. Lighter colours are beautiful, but much more subdued.

This is how KC14 is applied

KC14 is developed so that everybody can make it their own. To ensure best results, we recommend a thorough reading of the user guide, and the instruction video below is very helpful. Find the user guide here:

In the user guide you can also find instructions and tips about an essential step: preparing the surface. It addresses specific cases such roofing and covering, and subjects such as tools and application techniques.


User guide

Please read about preparation and application of KC14 Classic and KC14 Raw

Purchase of KC14

We have retailers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Spain in addition to agents in other European countries. If you don’t live in Scandinavia, feel free to contact us directly at, and we will help you place your order and answer any questions you might have.

One ‘Set’ consists of 10L KC14 + 1L Topcoat. KC14 Classic covers 5-7m2 and KC14 Raw covers 5m2 (this calculation includes 2 layers of plaster and 2 layers of topcoat).

All our products are toned individually and produced upon order. Production time can vary depending on quantities, as can shipping to your destination. Please remember to take this into account when ordering, and do not hesitate to contact us for specifics.

TIP: KC14 is easier to work with when it is fresh. If it is left to sit for a long period of time, it hardens and the application becomes more difficult. After 3 months, its quality may begin to decay.