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Can Anyone apply the KABRIC-product?

KABRIC is developed as a do-it-youself product, and you don’t need any experience or be professionel to create your own KABRIC-wall. When purchasing products, a detailed user guide is enclosed, in which we recommend you to read through, before you start the process. You chan choose to apply KABRIC using a paint brush or a spatula. We recommend you read the user guide.

How many m2 reach has the KABRIC-product?

KABRIC comes in 10L buckets that covers 8-10 finished square meters (2 layers).

How long does it take to finish up one wall with KABRIC?

Due to few processes and the short time to sry, a KABRIC wall can be done in one day. The time it takes to apply the layers, depends on one’s experience and technique.

Does a KABRIC-wall demand Topcoat or other surface treatment?

KABRIC Topcoat is an additional choice and is not included in your purchase of KABRIC. In most cases Topcoat is not necessary, but if KABRIC is applied on a wall exposed to great wear and tear, it can be sn advantage. Behind a stove, we recommend a matte varnish for mineral surfaces, due to the risk of stains.

Can KABRIC be refitted and mended?

Trying to cover up plaster on already plastered areas will always be visible to some extent. Therefore, we recommend you avoid reconstructing specific areas on your KABRIC wall.

Tip: If you got plaster leftovers, store it in a plastic bag to keep oxygen from entering. Make sure that storage conditions are cool but never below 0 degrees Celsius. That way you have some extra for future repairs.

How can KABRIC be uphold and maintained?

Due to the vivid surface, KABRIC-walls are easy to uphold. A KABRIC - surface can be cleaned equivalent to paint with shine 5. If you prefer a more dust distant surface, a Topcoat cab be purchased additionally. For a wall that requires frequent cleanse and is exposed to great wear and tear, a matte varnish for mineral surfaces can be a supplementary solution.

Where can KABRIC be applied?

KABRIC is developed for interior walls. The products can be used in bathrooms, as long as the products are not in direct contact with water. We do not recommend KC14-products behind a stov without supplementary treatment, due to the risk of stains.

Can KABRIC be applied in basements?

Due to the risk of humidity, we do not recommend DETALE-products in basements. Our products are not adequately vapour permeable, for this purpose.

On to which surfaces can KABRIC-products be applied?

The surface on which KABRIC is to be applied has to be smooth, dry, equally absorbent and sustainable. KABRIC can be applied directly on to plaster, filt and even wall-painted surfaces, as long as the wall is equally absorbent. If in doubt, you should prime the base before beginning. Glass fabric must be totally covered with plaster and primed, before KABRIC is applied. Wallpaper must be totally removed, and the wall has to be rightly cleaned. If you have other surfaces, please contact us directly for advice:

What is the difference between KABRIC og KC14?

KC14 is a colores filler while KABRIC is a paint-like plaster. Both products can be applied on to walls but both the finish and the process is different from each other. We therefore recommend that you learn about the different colours and structures the two different products have, before purchasing.

Can a KABRIC-wall be renewed ?

Yes! If you want to renew the look of your wall, you can easily change an existing KABRIC-wall. Whether you want to i.e. paint or apply filt, you only have to sand the wall with crass sandpaper and apply a suitable grounder before you start your renovation.

How to purchase KABRIC?

We have retailers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Spain, in addition to agents in other European countries. If you don’t live in these countries, please contact us directly at

The more information you email us regarding your project, will help us to help you more efficient. Therefore, please have a look at the below points to include in your email;

-      For delivery costs, please send us a postal code and country for delivery

-      For product specifications, please send us some information regarding the accurate surface you are to apply KABRIC

-      For advice regarding colours and aesthetics, please send us pictures

-      For questions regarding finished KABRIC-walls, please send us pictures and an explanation of the application process and the underlying surface

 We look forward to connecting with you, answer your questions and help you place an order and delivery.

Where to see the colours and get samples?    

If you live in a country where we don’t have retailers, please contact us directly for purchase of samples.

How long is the delivery time?

All our products are toned individually and produced upon order. Production time can vary depending on quantities, as can shipping to your destination. Please remember to take this into account when ordering, and do not hesitate to contact us for specifics.