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Rebranding KABE Copenhagen

We are proud to present our new identity, under the name DETALE CPH. For the last year, we have worked on developing a brand that reflects the company we have become. The name DETALE CPH is a combination of DETAIL and TALE. Our goal is to create products that tell a story full of unique details: colour, texture and experience. 

Our ambition is to be the leading brand for surfaces with emotion. We communicate with an audience that feels strongly about unique structures. With DETALE CPH we will create a community within which interior- and design stories are shared, a place where we exchange stories created through the experience of our products. After all, stories don’t start with the final result. Just as crucial is the process that leads to the creation of a personal result. Welcome to DETALE CPH.


Why the change?

The last year has been an exciting journey for our little company. It has been a year of growth, with the launch of new products and global demand. As we focused on meeting this demand last December, we came to realize that another European company was called KABE. Coincidentally, this company is also working with surface products, although they offer a more traditional product range. The thought of being mistaken for another company gave us an opportunity not only to rename, but also to rebrand and focus our vision for DETALE CPH.

When KABE was initially established in 2014, our product range consisted solely of one wall product called KABE. Today we sell products for furniture and floors in addition to walls, with more to be launched soon. With DETALE CPH we want to create a brand that embraces all unique surfaces, frames and structures. With our new identity, we are ready to take the next step and are excited to embark on this journey with you.


Our iconic product KABE will remain the same, but be renamed KC14, which is short for KABE Copenhagen 2014. In the KC14-series you will find the KC14 Classic, previously known as KABE, and KC14 Raw, previously known as KABE Raw. Both the Classic and the Raw are available in the same 37 colours that you already know.

Norm Architects

Norm Architects


KABE Stone will remain the same, but the name will be shortened to STONE. In the STONE-series you find the STONE Classic, previously known as KABE Stone. KABE Stone Raw is shortened to STONE Raw. Both Classic and Raw come in 16 of the most popular KC14 colours.

Anour & Sibast Forniture

Anour & Sibast Forniture