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About us



DETALE CPH is a Danish company that develops delicate, tactile surfaces with attention to details. Our experimental approach to product development opens up new worlds of expression. We are inspired by our Nordic design heritage and nature’s mutability.

No story is too big or too small. We deliver products to the smallest of homes and also to bigger commercial spaces. We offer the possibility to develop custom colours for large-scale projects.

The process is as beautiful as the result. At DETALE CPH we love and embrace creativity and playfulness, where new expressions arise. We have seen that many of you feel the same, which is why we include this do-it-yourself spirit in our approach.



With KC14 Classic and KC14 Raw you can create beautiful walls and add personal expression to any room.

Both products consist of coloured wallplaster, and a specially developed Top Coat. Together they create a unique, durable look. With Classic and Raw you will obtain a dust-resistant surface, equivalent to regular paint with shine 10.

KC14 products come in 37 colours, developed together with designers and trend experts.



You can apply the STONE-series to vertical and horizontal surfaces, your imagination is the only limit. The STONE-series consists of a cement-based, coloured plaster and a specially developed Top Coat for a raw and rustic look. It will give you a durable surface suitable for floors and furniture, as well as any wall exposed to tear and wear.

The STONE series is found in 16 of the most popular KC14 colours.



KABRIC will make it easy to make changes in your home, without compromising on aesthetics nor quality. Due to few processes and short time to dry, a KABRIC-wall can be done in one day. KABRIC is the innovative alternative to regular walls, and the ideal do-it-yourself product. KABRIC can be applied with a paint roller, paint brush or a spatula.

KABRIC comes in 30 colours, inspired by our Nordic lifestyle and beautiful nature.


At DETALE CPH we respect and care about your privacy and security of your information. Therefore, we want you to be familiar with our Privacy Policy, to understand how we collect , use and disclose information.